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We understand that maintaining a clean and healthy credit profile is essential to your financial health as it can affect every aspect of your financial life, including obtaining or the denial of credit, mortgage, auto loan, or even employment opportunities. We are a consulting company specializing on improving your credit positioning and financial future through credit education and restoration. When it comes to dealing with creditors, collectors, and credit bureaus, you need someone that has experience applying the FCRA and FDCPA laws in these areas to get the best results. We have the expertise you need to deal with any situation presented by creditors, collectors, and credit reporting agencies.


Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation rolls multiple debts, typically high interest debt, such as credit card bills, into a single payment. These bills, then, get a lower interest rate.


Debt Settlement

Debt relief that actually works! It’s time to eliminate all of your debt in as little as 12-36 months for about 50% of the original debt.


Budgeting Classes

You’ll sign up for an FPU class, and when there are five people, we will start classes that will run for three weeks.


One on One Coaching Services

We use our tools to better prepare you for your financial future. We will help you set out a budget that makes sense for your family.


Full-Service Credit Restoration

We have fine-tuned our credit restoration service to work on all derogatory items of each credit report. Over the years we have learned…


Pay-Per-Delete Credit Services

We can find out and resolve negative items on your credit report. Then you pay us for what we’re able to delete. It’s that simple.


Other Services

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Zero Advanced-Pay Credit Repair

Our credit repair services are very simple and straight-forward. You will not be charged for our credit repair service until 6 months after our service agreement is signed and you sign off on the completion. We don’t mess with pay-per-removal or charge per specific dispute. We’re either able to help you entirely or not at all. Submit your "my why" form for a free consultation.

No Pay Guarantee


  • Onboarding Included
  • Analysis and Consultation
  • Unlimited Disputes
  • Credit Intervention
  • Goodwill Letters
  • SOL Research
  • Training Portal
  • Access Paid Training ($60 value)
We have 6 services plans that depends on your current needs. – Your final price and actual plan depend on your unique situation. Please complete our interactive questionnaire to find the best plan suited for your needs.

Boost Scores

Eliminate Debt

Avoid Scams

Maintain Credit

Secure Credit

Consolidate Debt


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